DigiSoft Systems Resources has a solid experience in development of custom solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Software development procedures

The company’s construction pattern is based on the best practices in the industry. That is why we deliver our products on time and in budget. We implement eight phases lifecycle model tailored to your specific need:

  1. Research
    We dig deep down to the core to understand your business, competition, and customers.
  2. Requirements Specification
    We prepare documentation describing the essential technical requirements for the specific project.
  3. Prototype
    We provide you an opportunity to make actual observations and necessary adjustments to a full scale test model.
  4. Internal design
    This phase ( if present ) includes development of database implementation scheme & application segmentation.
  5. Implementation
    Actual code writing process. Plus ongoing milestone completion control.
  6. Review & Quality Assurance
    Evaluation of code reliability plus application stability check. We utilize feature freezes and clean all remaining bugs.
  7. Deployment
    Performing remote installation to client host systems.
  8. Maintenance & Update
    Provision of ongoing customer support & product improvement.

Some particular projects may require more or less phases. We tailor our procedures to the specific project and customer requirements. For more information contact us.