Key Features

  1. Send Personalized SMS to multiple customers (e.g. each customer received sms with his Account balance, due date’ etc…)
  2. Add / edit customer details to send SMS for marketing campaigns or promotions
  3. Categorize customers
  4. Create categories by customer type.
  5. Send bulk SMSs to customer categories separately
  6. SMS composing is done with HTML editor.
  7. Preview each SMS before sending
  8. SMS message is saved as an SMS template. Create and customize multiple SMS templates
  9. Get message history like number of SMSs sent to a customer phone number. Add comment to customers details
  10. Send instant SMS to an individual customer
  11. Send identical sms to all customers



  1. DigiSoft SMS System is a one-way information broadcasting tool to provide your Organization related information to the customers, vendors, staff or public on their mobile phones using SMS facility.
  2. Send sms for promotions, reminders, alerts and special notice to your customers, vendors, staff, etc…
  3. Fully customizable and scalable
  4. Helps customers to constantly engage in your companies updates
  5. User friendly interface