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Our software is the most comprehensive modern, proven, intuitive, easy to use and complete office / practice productivity tool to help grow your business.

Leader in Eye Care Practice Management solution optometrist and ophthalmologist practices and optical stores. From the patient file, billing, inventory, purchase, expenses all communicate to one another seamlessly. You can use one or all of them, it’s up to you. Third, its comprehensive and affordable. We offer tailor-made to meet your very need and working environment. Been a web application our software works effectively and efficiently on LAN (local area network) within your premises or over the internet through your website for worldwide accessibility with unlimited users.

Our software has the ability to store unlimited images from your diagnostic equipment.

In addition, a numerous list of patient related data is pre-configure for easy use such as lens type, refraction, media, pupil, test type, surgery type, fundus and much more.

Patient Registration

  • Patient Demographical details with photo
  • Graphic representation of data such as blood pressure (systolic & diastolic) IOP, etc.
  • Patient anniversary reminder
  • HMO / Retainership
  • Statistic base on age, gender, city, date, marital status,

Appointment Scheduler

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Daily, weekly and monthly view
  • Quick follow-up appointment bookings

Clinical Modules (ophthalmologist / optometrist)

  • Patient Visit Details (OPD)
  • Patient history (medical, surgical, optical, etc.)
  • Preliminary examination
  • Internal examination
  • Fondus
  • IOP
  • Refraction
  • Test & Investigation
  • Surgery
  • After surgery
  • Prescription
  • Binocular vision
  • Contact lens lifting
  • Lens progression examination


  • Billing
  • Receipt
  • Supplier (vendor) Management
  • Purchase management
  • Inventory (for drugs, frame, lens, etc.)
  • Product expiration
  • Stock adjustment
  • Expense
  • Sales details
  • Unpaid patient bills

Reporting Module

All documents are printable in the following format:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Printer
  • CSV
  • XLM
  • RTF

Security and access

The soft is accessible only for registered users

The users are organized by category or department

A category can be authorised to access only some part of the systems


Search for information

Any information is so easily searchable e.g. just type Paul and press Enter key and the systems display the list of all patients that are name Paul or have Paul included in any part of their data.


The system can be customized to manage more than one consulting doctor. For example in medium or large clinic and hospital when a doctor log in, he sees the list of patients waiting for him.