1. Ease of use

Our solution Is user-friendly and does not require a high learning curve –– allows HR personnel and employees to grasp its various functionality right away.

  1. Each Employee login to their dashboard
  2. Allows employees login and view important information regarding their payslips, employee time off and holiday calendars, as well as a knowledge base of informative documents.
  3. Employee input information on vacation/sick leave etc.


  1. Support/Maintenance
  • Turnaround times and other items that are necessary to get the type of support your team and organization require.
  • Notification on updates, upgrades, services and any costs associated with ongoing product maintenance.
  • Notifications of any unplanned outages or service denials.
  1. Security
  • Allow users to authenticate access to corporate data only through approved Single-Sign-on (SSO) log in.
  • Our solution maintains an audit trail or running log of all administrative and user actions with a user activity audit trail.
  • Able to track timing of key process and interface changes to avoid confusion.
  • Enforce module access that would allow recruitment personnel to access only to respective blocks of information and functionality.
  • Selected menu access depending on the user permission/role.
  • Full data encryption.




Company business documents management

Company legal documents management

Company holiday schedule management

Company policies.

Company health insurance benefits information.

Generate and manage organization organogram.


  1. HR Forms
  2. Manages all employees and applicants’ documents.
  3. Ability to convert all documents to PDF format and print out.
  4. Ability to export to Excel / Word / XML / TXT / CSV format for other applications.
  5. “Employee listening” tools such as employee anonymous ratings to recognize achievements of others, regular feedback check-ins by managers, track bonuses for peer referrals, spreading company’s news and encourage proactive idea sharing.


  1. Generate net pay, i.e. gross pay less total deductions.
  2. Generate bank schedule with employees account details and net to bank.
  3. Generate pension schedules with employee’s PIN and details of employer and employee’s contribution.
  4. Compute actual PAYE using current tax tables
  5. Generate schedules of loan repayment
  6. Generate staff overtime schedule linked to main payroll module
  7. Net pay total salary per class, department etc…
  8. Generate payslips (staff should be able to view and print out their own payslips).


  1. Our solution establishes a comprehensive mechanism that would take various factors into account during the mid-year and annual review such as – employee performance (achieved goals); capabilities (skills developed; courses takes); career (their current progress within the role measured); connections (relationship with their peers and managers), confirmation, salary review, How long the staff has stayed with the company, job done, time spent on delivery, competency on the task, team spirit, Independent or Dependent (works best alone or in a team) etc.
  2. Compensation performance decisions take multiple factors into account including labor market changes; the person’s contribution to the team’s success; financial and operational achievements, along with other variables.
  3. Offer transparent goal setting and tracking functionality, with both individual and team progress being measured.


  1. There is a complete directory of employee profiles that includes all personal information, photo, note attachment files, job and salary history, time off requests, employee resumes, monthly timesheet, disciplinary history, medical information, performance feedback, emergency contacts and many other custom fields important for the company. This keeps all of your employees’ information linked to the main record, for ease of tracking and reporting.
  2. Comprehensive staff biometric data including passport etc (coming soon)
  3. Employee job history information management.
  4. Tracking of all employee certification and expiry dates.
  5. Tracking of sick days.
  6. Employee awards management.`
  7. Employee assigned asset/equipment tracking
  8. Grievance history information (e.g. complaints, dispute etc.) management


  1. This module indicate annual company training plan and include schedule, cost, mode of training, training institutions, training evaluation/report, and certifications.
  2. Training class information description and registration information
  3. Training class information sheet
  4. Records of all employee’s training records.
  5. Send reminders for scheduled trainings and updates on available new courses.
  6. Have a learning platform and offer mobile access to the learning platform (coming soon)


  1. Yearly leave roaster
  2. Leave request
  3. Number of days entitled
  4. Outstanding leave periods,
  5. Name of reliever
  6. Commencement date
  7. Type of leave such as annual, maternity, compassionate, casual, exam, study etc,
  8. Resumption dates, deductible and non-deductible, and approval processes.


  1. Show the number of written warnings, queries, suspensions, Termination, etc of all staff.


  1. Benefit plan list and provider information management
  2. Benefit plan for each employee
  3. Benefit cost information management
  4. This feature include the following benefits: Medical scheme, Housing, Status car, NSITF, ITF, Wedding/Burial funds, Recharge card allowance, Mobile data payment, Leave allowance etc


  1. Showcase the levels of grade from highest to the lowest cadre and applicable.
  2. Job competences for all positions in the organization to be uploaded with the following capabilities:
  3. Employees can view only applicable job competences/description from their authorised page.
  4. Supervisors can view only applicable job competences/description of their subordinates as well as theirs.
  5. HR can view and amend all.


  1. Cover daily attendance report
  2. Monitor absence based on permission and without permission.


  1. Create rosters for the various vessels or fields staff
  2. Indicate who is on and who is off.
  3. Indicate if the period on board is overtime or regular on-time.
  4. Generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis to see the period a staff has been on duty and off duty, vessels worked on etc.
  1. Track entry and exit of staff on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  2. Highlight the new entrants and exit to the company.


  • Employee termination process check list
  • Generate employee termination process notification
  • Employee status change information management
  • Generic termination letters (acceptance, refusal etc)


  1. Job opening Information, job functions, requirements and skills information and staffing status
  2. Department job opening list management
  3. Job opening information report
  4. Store and evaluate applications
  5. Filter applicants by qualifications, and even transfer information into employee files when hiring decisions have been made.
  6. Schedule interviews and communicate with prospective employees
  7. Applicant status management
  8. Applicants interview setup
  9. Monitor candidates, and perform accurate background check.
  10. Keep records of various applicant evaluation information, such as responses to questionnaires or interviewer comments.
  11. Create Employee Application Form and Employee Record Audit Form for all applicants including their contact information.
  12. Leverage external employee data – for instance from social media