Straight to the point: This software automatically imports Passenger Information from the GDS and automatically generates invoices for your customers. The whole process generates an invoice with numerous tickets for a customer will not exceed 3 minutes (with all modesty).  See below the full features of this package.

This can be the heart of any travel organization, by tracking all business process inside your agency  automatically, providing tool for travel inventory management and having full compliancy with various financial systems, multi-agency (optionally).

Back Office Software Features:

  1. To avoid manual retyping, the passenger information for each ticket is automatically imported from Amadeus; the ticket No, passenger name, fare, taxes, currency, route, date of issue, class, commission rate, and much more are automatically imported from the GDS.
  2. Customer Invoicing: Automatically generating sale invoice from booking, taking into account the VAT rules where applicable
  3. Customer Profile and History
  4. Sales Analysis and Reporting
  5. Ticket Commission Tracking
  6. Accounts Receivable
  7. Accounts Payable
  8. Airlines History and Statements
  9. Refund Information
  10. Credit note
  11. Customer Profile Management
  12. Management Reporting
  13. Built-in Account Management features Including VAT Management
  14. Security and Control Features:
    1. Strong user access and password controls
    2. Restricted access to features and information
    3. Built-in Data Verification controls
    4. Off-site Remote Back-up and Storage
  15. Strong Reconciliation controls
  16. Sending invoice via email (PDF/HTML/Text)
  17. Invoice printing + receipt
  18. List of uncollected or partially collected invoices
  19. Invoice due dates depending on the negotiation with the client on types of services
  20. Payments received (collections)
  21. Cash book
  22. Vouchers
  23. Search by multiple criteria: period, customer, booking text, invoice, number, location, user
  24. Proforma (quotation)
  25. Customer Deposit
  26. ADM / ACM
  27. Profit & Loss report
  28. And much, much more…

The biggest advantage of working with us is that we work with you hand in hand: all your suggestions and desires are taken into consideration for the sole purpose of improving the quality of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.


How Can our Solutions Add Value to Your Business?

Our fully integrated travel industry software provides a vastly superior business tool, allowing you to:

  • Reduce staffing and overhead costs: Reduce manual intervention, double entry and error corrections through improved automation and workflow, reduction of data entry between separate systems;
  • Increase revenue: Use powerful reporting capabilities to develop targeted marketing programs using historical data. Identify unrecognized vendor commission and automate service fees;
  • Reduce costs: Reduce the number of disparate systems, eliminating manual interface and redundant data correction;
  • Optimize sales efforts: Create notifications and reporting that will allow you to respond and refocus sales efforts based on market conditions;
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention: Provide customers with detailed and accurate reporting that meets their specific needs. Reduce your response time to customer requests due to a single source of data;
  • Respond to evolving business needs: Identify trends with real-time access to business critical information, forecast revenue and costs, track productivity by supplier, branch, agent or customer and update the system easily and inexpensively as changes in circumstances require.